Yuichi Kawada  (Herr)

Yuichi Kawada

Yuichi Kawada was born in Sano City, in the Japanese province of Tochigi , in May 1946. From an early age, he discovered the art of Shiatsu alongside his fathere, Kotaro Kawada, a well-known therapist in Japan.
At the age of 18, he attended the Nippon Shiatsu School, where he was taught by:
Tokujiro Namikoshi : the founder of the Nippon Shiatsu School Shizuto Masunaga : who was later the founder of IOKAI Tadashi Izawa : author of “Anpukuzukai” (Diagnosis and Treatment of the stomach, applications of Shiatsu)..
A graduate of the Department of Health (a requirement in Japan), he enriched his practice under the tutellage of other famous masters of Tokyo and the Philippines.
Master Kawada is an early pioneer in the art of shiatsu in Europe. He spread his knowledge of Shiatsu in many countries in the region, before settling in Belgium where he opened his practice as a therapist.
In 1990, he founded the “Yoseido Shiatsu School » in Brussels, where he trained many therapists.
His teaching is based on the book of traditional medicine in the Far East: “The Classic of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor and the laws of transformations expressed in the “I-King” ” ; inexhaustible sources that nourish and enrich observations and interpretations of the imbalances in man and the environment on which they depend..
His specialisations: the study of the 12 main meridians and 8 vessels curious to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Author of “Essential Shiatsu” (Little, Brown Book Group), he teaches philosophical concepts of Eastern thought to understand better the problems of contemporary man. One of the specialities of Master Kawada , is the relationship body and the mind.


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