Si Fuzhen  (Prof.)

Fuzhen Si, Professor of Linguistics and Founding Director of the Department of Linguistics at Beijing Language and Culture University. She is also the founder of Lab of the Biolinguistics and Human Brain Sciencesat BLCU, as well as the founder of the International Association of Syntactic Cartographic Studies (IAOSCS) and current President of the IAOSCS. Professor Fuzhen Si’s major fields include theoretical linguistics, biolinguistics and brain sciences, anthropological linguistics, as well as scientific philosophy.

Professor Fuzhen Si has a wide range of connections with linguists and scientists from home and abroad. She worked with Professor Noam Chomsky as his post-doctoral fellow in 2006-2007. In 2008-2010, she worked as Dean of the Foreign Languages College, Yili Normal University, Xinjiang, and as nationally selected experts of the Assistance to
Xinjiang Program. In 2011-2012, Professor Si works as a visiting professor in Macau University of Science and Technology. Since from 2012, she has been visiting Vienna University frequently as a guest professor in the Department of Sinology.

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China Threat: Fact or Fake?

China Threat: Fact or Fake?

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