Li-yun Li  (Prof.)

Li-yun Li
Professor Li Li-yun is a master’s level advisor at the Second Clinical Medicine College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. She previously served as Director of Gynecology at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine. She has accumulated an abundance of clinical experience in her nearly 50 years of clinical teaching and research work. She specializes in the integrative treatment of menstrual disorders, female infertility, and female genital inflammation. 

Professor Li has developed multiple approaches in the treatment of gynecological disease, and is highly respected for her contributions to the field. She is a highly sought-after physician, especially by patients suffering with infertility. Professor Li was entitled Renowned Physician of Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, also winning 2 provincial awards. She was further recognized as Master Physician in the National Master and Apprentice Education Program. 

She currently serves as a council member of the Guangdong Promotional Committee of Chinese Medicine, and Advisor of the Gynecology Specialty Board of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine.

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