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DVD The Treatment of Obesity with Chinese Medicine (PAL)

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Titel:DVD The Treatment of Obesity with Chinese Medicine (PAL)
Autor:Yao Hong
Preis:Euro 25.00

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Yao Hong, Associate Professor, First Teaching Hospital, Guangzhou Medical College. Twenty years experience in acupuncture, specialist in the treatment of chronic soft-tissue injuries, hemiplegia, obesity, and migraine

This DVD examines the causes and pathomechanisms of obesity from the perspectives of both Chinese medicine and biomedicine. After a brief overview of obesity from an integrated medical perspective, the Chinese medical theory and treatments for obesity are elucidated in detail. Chinese medical pattern diagnosis and a variety of therapeutic approaches are presented. This DVD:
- Includes clinically useful acupuncture point combinations as well as manipulation techniques. Also includes auriculotherapy and Tui Na therapy.
- Provides detailed medicinal formulas and modifications.
- Is designed to help practitioners develop a well rounded approach to treating obesity.